Oct 26, 2011

Comsumer Guber! recent product purchase and review!

It was brought to my attention that there are some really high-end head phones, that do justice to the full range of noise that these quack rock artists meticulously apply to their respected craft.  Considering the devotion I've forfeited to these quacks, I seemed rudimentary that a pair of high end head phones found their way strapped across my oval noggin.  But, i didn't know where to begin.  

Like all savvy and progressive consumers, the best place to research and learn of the possibilities is Amazon.  It turned into a 6 month process.  I wasn't sure if it was worth spending $120 on a pair of slick, pretentious head phones.  I really don't have an cautionary tales to offer for you ravenous readers.  But from what I've learned, is don't get Bose, and don't get Beats by Dre.  Both are overpriced, but Beats by Dre don't even provide the mids and treble for guitar aficionados.  Hell, from my understanding, Beats doesn't even compliment the drumming complexities.  Rather, they'll just ear-rape the hell our of your innocent eardrum, by pushing and prodding and invading your audio orifice with unloving thrusts of over emphasized buzzing.

So, knowing that I don't have much to offer regarding physical components or properties to justify the pair that I did purchase (the ones shown above), I must say that i do fully support them and recommend them full heartedly.  First, it's a clear range.  Bass lines aren't getting obnoxiously getting jumbled with the bass drum, and guitar strumming isn't creating some whiny, secondary noise as a resulting from the slop strumming from the music I tend to absorb into.  These "cans" (as i've learned to be the language ululated by the novices) organizes the full range of noise that these quacks produce, very nicely, and layers them ontop of one another extraordinarily appropriately.  The bass is heavy enough to push the back bone of punk/rock/jazz tunes that i frequent with, as well as clearly separating the treble, making the guitar work very notable and easily appreciable.  I'm not big into head phones or wasting money, but i am big into music.  And for only $65 (only, considering that some "cans" exceed $300, such as Dre's Brain-Beaters), these tune justifiers are a great investment for any audiophiles that are ordinarily intimidated by the high prices that segregate most music aficionados from their crap ipod buds that actually destroys music.  



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