Oct 9, 2011

what I've learned today...

Something that I learned today is not something that I learned today, but rather, an accumulation of things that I have learned over the span of 26 years, which reminded me today why it is that I had learned what it was that was learned over the past 26 years and beyond.

Again, during the execution of Awful, Ohio, it has been brought to my attention that there are more errors in the book.  This is incredibly unfortunate, as, once again, the initial release is pushed back.  Admittedly, I feel that it is at no fault of my own, as I've read Awful, Ohio over 20 times, and by now, I am utterly sick of it.  I've deeply considered just letting the errors go, to be encleaved permanently in the eternal being that is Awful, Ohio, to be read by future viewers and generations (pending that it makes it that far), regardless of the apathetic appearance that these careless incongruousness inflict upon my own reputation.  But then, every time it's considered, I'm reminded of exactly that: that this is an attempt to prepare a perfect copy.  A copy that will please the customers and readers, for its polished grammar and syntax, as well as its coherent plot, rather than some sloppy, half-assed crack of randomly stapled papers containing verbal barf coating the pages.  This isn't some high school, night-before-it's-due paper, nor is this some forgettable college coarse on some golden aged poet that never intrigued me; this is the personal work of 2 and a half years of dedication, that fought strong through obstacles and detractants that have attempted to prevent this magnus opus from accruing!  I'm not seeking some grade just to post on my mom's refrigerator, as I don't live with my mom anymore!  There is much more to gain.  This piece of work is my cathartic release of pent up, artistic expression that's been collecting since the conception of the initial plot for Awful, Ohio!  It is my duty, for the being of me that divinely is being, to perfect this piece of work, to allow this gilded craft of otherworldy powers, to reach the maximum potential that it has undeniably deserved.  

But not only is it a disservice to the being that has conglomerated into the entity which is the being that is this book, it is a disservice to the indie publishing community!  Too often, indie published work has been stigmatized for it's incredulous plots, improper grammar, and ennuied stories lines.  And here I am, providing more proof for these claims, which indie authors are working so hard to acquit.  The perfection of Awful, Ohio not only benefits me, the author, but the credibility of the entire Indie community!  So, the overall lesson that’s been presented by the unfortunate situation is that you can never finish editing, whether the story has been read only once or over 1000 times.  

For the indie authors reading through this blog post, do make effort in allowing others to read your masterpiece, before submitting it for publication.  Sure,  it seemed like a grandiose idea of just popping out of the blue with bounded copies of your own work, handing to your unknowing friends and family.  But, the gratification quickly dissipates, when the first smart ass makes it an objective to point out as many errors as possible.  So, clearly for the next book, which is being worked on, I will certainly find editors to help catch all of the grammar and mechanics that may have been over looked. So forget the rest of this entry, and dismiss any obligation to my followers that expect me to post an entertaining and informative blog entry.  As I now forfeit the rest of the night to rereading Awful, Ohio once more, regardless of the daunting task and monotonous refuge, and I will perfect Awful, Ohio, to be all that it is meant to be, and not limit it to the boundaries of suppressive laziness that I have succumbed it to!  FAREWELL!!!


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