Jul 15, 2011

Book Cover

Ok, so this is going to be the book cover to Awful, Ohio (top).  I didn't think Createspace would be able to put together a cover this well.  When I started explaining to them the depth and detail of the cover, they starting laughing, further explaining that the publishing package that i chose only included the "unique book cover" design, which apparently meant cut and paste from cropped photos.  So, panick-stricken, I took a stab at some graphic design ideas of my own, and here's what i came up with for a cover (bottom):

 The top is the better of the two, so luckily they were able to make a pleasing cover.  share what you think of either cover!


Kevin Neal said...

Do you want people to think Awful is Chicago?

Kevin Neal said...

And the first one: I don't know the plot, but does it focus on some drunken journalist with a typewriter? I dunno man.

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