Jul 16, 2011

AwfulOhio.com !!!

Ok, just launched AwfulOhio.com.  It's pretty bland right now.  Not much going on.  Almost launched it without mentioning anything about the author.  D'oh!  Definitely some more details need to be added, but for the moment, it's doing a fine job.  For a limited time, i can offer copies for only $10!  Free shipping too!  But that is only for the first 10 who reserve copies, because unfortunately, copies aren't available just yet, so the world needs to calm down.

But in the mean time, i think this webpage will add some credibility to the kickstarter project, as well as the entire project altogether.  I'm going to shoot for $4000.  I think it is achievable.  I've got some rewards lined up that should entice the masses to support the project.

In the mean time, let's see what AwfulOhio.com will evolve into.


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