Sep 5, 2011

Kickstarter approved!

Welp, Here goes the list of friends and family that helped contribute to Awful, Ohio:

- Yasmine Mustafa (
- Charles Oberkehr
- Uncle Bill !!!
- Mom
- Jake Friedly
- Owen
- Amy "Rambo" Holton
- Kevin - bro
- Sophia Thomas
- Miguel Ambiguoso

If you happen to see these fetching folks strolling through the streets, strutting through stores, or just percolating throughout their day, be sure to slap them on the back, squeeze them with a hug, or buy them a cold beer on me.  Because without their wonderful generosity, Awful, Ohio would not have been able to reach its kickstarting goal.

I will forever salute you, my noble supporters!!!

Awful, Ohio update: as of today, September 5th, I am in the midst of approving the final proof.  Once I finish reading through the story one last time, It will be available for sale on


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