Amazon Coupons

Being a film critic and movie mogul doesn't come without its costs.  Movie theater prices are going up, and digital rental costs are pretty steep when compared to the Redbox or the the ancient times when you could rent a move for a week for $5.  So, when you have some coupon opportunites come along, it's easy to understand that there is low hesisitation to use a coupon.  Unfortunately, internet coupon codes can be difficult to dig up, especially when their are for internet bohemoths live Amazon.  So, when I successfully scored access to some TOP SECRET coupon codes for Amazon, rather than hoard them for my own intents and purposes, I felt compelled to share them with the cinema community.

So brace yourselves, there are coupon codes to be seen.  But not nearly as many movies that should be seen.


huzaifashaikh said...

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